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Dr. Carpenter Arrested by F.D.A.,
October 29, 2014

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Dr. Carpenter's Former Webmaster, Office Manager, Both Questioned by Grand Jury

Orion Talk Radio Leaves the Air

Orion Talk Radio

Dr. Carpenter Now Targeted by Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Bold-Faced Violations of Civil Rights, Based on Lies, Committed by F.D.A.

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"Cancer Industry Continues
to Demonize Innovation," (external article)


(FEDERALJACK)   It is common knowledge that the healthcare industry has become a virtual monopoly controlled by pharmaceutical interests with inordinate amounts of influence in Washington, D.C., and beyond; and that arguably the most monopolistic arm of the industry is that of oncology, the sub-industry dedicated to treating cancer… and as many would affirm, perpetuating it.
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New Blogs by Former
Patients of Dr. Carpenter

   • My Cancer Cured
   • LIESH Works for Cancer
   • Dr. Carpenter Saved My Life

The Return of "Pinocchio,"
the Original Anti-Carpenter Troll.

October is RMS Awareness Month!
Announcing the RMS Awareness Foundation.

RMS Awareness Foundation

The Medical Conspiracy Show returns to live format
on August 6, 2011. Saturdays from 4-6 PM (CST),
on the Orion Talk Radio Network!

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The End of Liberty?
Liberty News Radio Going off the Air,
TMC Show Now on Spreaker and Live365!

Outrage: Bluehost Defends Slander Gang,
Censors their Victims!

Insane, Illegal. and Obscene:
$2.5 mil. Judgement Rendered by Stacked Jury.

On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, a jury selected entirely by the plaintiff's attorney (Will Bond, former Arkansas politician with close political ties to UAMS Cancer Center in Little Rock), with no involvement of a defense attorney whatsoever, and all defense testimony having been either disqualified or excluded from record; rendered a 2.5 million dollar judgement against Dr. Antonella Carpenter and Lase Med Inc. In the major media coverage of this event so far, nothing has been published to explain how attorney Will Bond managed to make this happen, and how or why a Federal Judge allowed it to happen. (Read More.)

Illustration: David Dees.

New "TOS-Compliant" Troll Gallery


Anonymous phone harrassment, compared
to the identified voice of trial witness.

TMC Facebook Page Hijacked by Censors.
(Details coming.)

"There Goes the Neighborhood."
(Details coming.)

June 13th. The New Day of Infamy.

"Non-Existent" Depositions Suddenly Materialize,
Along with More Excuses to Cover Them Up.

Invoices of the "Non-Existent" Depositions,
from Accurate Court Reporting Inc.

Lying Federal Judge Suppresses
Vital Evidence in Lase Med Case.

New Feature:
Medical Conspiracy Theater!

Five pages of blog posts, two of Lase Med's
bloggers, "vanish" at forum.
Hacker attacks TMC website.

"Master of Puppets," and more videos
"they" didn't want you to see.

The Medical Conspiracy Show

Radio Mic

The Medical Conspiracy Show discusses mistakes, misinformation, and lies in the Medical Establishment, with particular emphasis placed on the Cancer Industry. Dr Carpenter asks listeners to e-mail her their stories, which are discussed on the show. Dr. Carpenter provides possible solutions to problems in the health care industry, takes your calls, has patients as guests, and discusses cases she has seen.

No one radio show in such a limited timeframe could ever begin to cover the vast expanse of the entire Medical Conspiracy we live in; all we are presenting is personal experience in fighting that Conspiracy, so much of the show deals with Dr. Carpenter's personal experience fighting the Conspiracy as CEO and cofounder of Lase Med Inc. All the experiences Dr. Carpenter relates on the show are true. Dr. Carpenter isn't reading news feeds and giving commentaries, she is telling her personal story, a story that is long overdue needing to be told.

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